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Address: 310 Palladio Pkwy
             Ste 709
             Folsom, CA 95630

Tel:        916-983-2895

About Us

At Nail Palazzo in Folsom, CA 95630, our commitment is your complete satisfaction. Our professional staffs will provide you with complete spas services with out the high end prices.

We offer full nail & beauty services such as Manicure, Pedicure, Nail Enhancement, Waxing and more. If you have a question with any of our services that we provided, our professional staffs member would gladly provide you with all the answers.

Especially, our salon is 100% sanitized, we only use hospital grade sanitizing solutions. We use an autoclave to clean all manicures and pedicures tools and our pedicure chairs are pipeless. We also offer a disposable liner for each customer. So remember, if you don’t fell safe, we don’t feel safe.

“Trust your hands in our hands”